In My Element

So… You know that feeling when you suddenly realize you are FULL ON in your element? Like you are genuinely happy, you feel like you can really breathe, and you know you were made to do what it is that you’re doing? This might sound silly (this platform IS all about being honest and vulnerable, […]

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Analysis Paralysis

Hello again, It has been, well I don’t know… SIX months since I have posted anything. Local LaMarca’s is something that I think about often but never seem to feel inspired or creative enough to follow through with  – let alone come up with anything of substance that’s remotely worth uploading on a public platform. […]

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A wise blogger once said, “A blog is only as interesting as its creator(s).” That is probably a fake quote and to be honest, thank God. While a philanthropic-foodie meets an entrepreneur-adventurer might result in a blog for the ages, the Who behind the What in our case is a married couple that finds its […]