A wise blogger once said, “A blog is only as interesting as its creator(s).” That is probably a fake quote and to be honest, thank God. While a philanthropic-foodie meets an entrepreneur-adventurer might result in a blog for the ages, the Who behind the What in our case is a married couple that finds its humble beginnings in Houston, Texas. After meeting in high school, Josh and I dated on and off again while in college (that’s a blog, or series… for another time, ha!) and have been married for nearly 2 years. We spend our days striving to figure out our purpose and place in this world, daydreaming about being able to fully immerse ourselves in cultures outside of our own while traveling the world. Right now our reality looks like traveling when we can and seeking out adventure in our new hometown of Dallas, Texas. But back to our dreams, fresh off of a life changing (no, really) trip across Thailand, Local LaMarca’s was sparked from an overflow of my long standing yet never shared loved for photography and Josh’s desire to always create…


Honesty time – I have been dreading this moment since I first decided to upload our journey to Instagram. I knew the next thing that would follow would feel even more vulnerable, and even more intimate than risking exposure on social media. Maybe it is silly to feel like Instagram is a place of stripped and bare-naked openness; but anyone who has taken something they’ve privately loved and shared it with the world, knows exactly what I am talking about. Suddenly, my simple yet hidden hobby of taking photos of beautiful things opened me up to criticism and judgement by people who don’t know me at all, or what’s worse, the people who DO know me. That actually leads me to my next point. When we returned from Thailand and were back in the states, the thrill of our travels were suddenly overshadowed by the pressure to share perfect photos, perfect vacations and perfect days. It was then that I remembered, we didn’t start this for any particular end game or purpose. Whether we inspire, motivate or simply help break up someone’s 9 to 5 routine with a window into our take on Travel, Good Eats and Photography, we simply wanted to share our experiences and adventures (when we get them!) with anyone who is interested in following along! So, with that, welcome to Local LaMarca’s!

Josh + Bailey
(& Annabelle the basset hound)


Photos by Katy Cox Photography
Katy did our wedding photos, our engagement photos, my bridal portraits and this perfect little mini session; basically we’re obsessed with her. She’s located in the Houston area and if you’re looking for a wedding photographer, or just a photographer, we HIGHLY recommend her 🙂


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