In My Element


You know that feeling when you suddenly realize you are FULL ON in your element? Like you are genuinely happy, you feel like you can really breathe, and you know you were made to do what it is that you’re doing? This might sound silly (this platform IS all about being honest and vulnerable, right…right?) but I feel that way when I am sitting in an airport with my laptop. As I stated in my last post, my job is taking me to Israel, and I am currently sitting in Toronto waiting for my next flight to Tel Aviv. I am about to get on an airplane and see more of the world; and for me, THIS balances the mundane and the dread that can come with an 8-5.

While I sit here in my little corner that I’ve claimed all I can think about is doing this all the time. In a perfect world, where student debt isn’t crippling and car payments don’t need to be made, Josh and I would choose this feeling over anything else. The anxious anticipation of your next flight, the excitement of tracking down yet another “You are Here” mug from a Starbucks location (Yes – this is a real thing in our house) the crappy airport food, and the never ending searching for a power outlet – all so that we can see another piece of this great big, beautiful rock that we live on.

Travel changes you. When you experience a culture that is SO different from your own you can’t help but emulate some of their views into your perceptions. It makes you kinder. It makes you love the unique qualities that create this world, and less tolerable of people who can’t see past themselves. It makes you want to hear other people’s stories and really listen to what they have to say and contribute. You’re suddenly hungry for things that are different rather than the familiarities of your own making. For some this feeling lasts for a short while and for some, it changes who you are forever.

This is what Josh and I find ourselves chasing. Unfortunately for us, student loans do exist, and we do have to actually pay for that car. So, we continue. Our pattern goes like this: world travel is a hobby. We spend our time watching travel vlogs on YouTube, researching things to do in whatever the cheapest flight is that pops up on one of our flight tracking apps, and dreaming about our next adventure in between trips. Usually that would sustain me for a while, I am someone who is pretty good at going through the motions – but again, Thailand shook me. And right now, I am on my way to Israel. ISRAEL. I have a feeling “going through the motions” isn’t going to last for very long. My soul needs to experience the world, really touch it and taste it and live in it. All the wealth (or VW Tiguan’s) can’t replace the feeling I get when I am in my element at an airport, about to experience what will certainly be a life changing experience.

– Bailey


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